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EB Visa Types – How to Work Permanently in the United States


Do you want to work permanently in the United States? You can do this using an EB visa or employment-based immigration for permanent workers. In this visa category, there are five different classes: EB-1 to EB-5. Each of these categories represents the preference for the types of workers accepted in the country.

EB-1 (first preference based on employment)

In this category, preference is given first to researchers, professors, managers, managers, etc. The people covered by these job classifications must demonstrate an extraordinary capacity thanks to a continuous international or national reputation in one of the following fields:

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– Sciences
– Art
– Education
– Business
– Athletics

Recognition of work performed in a specific area of ​​activity must be carefully documented. For those who can prove it, no job offer is required to apply for this type of visa.

EB-2 (second job-based preference)

For those who are members of professions with advanced training or their equivalent, they are qualified under the second preference. If you have exceptional skills in your field or have an existing job offer or can demonstrate that your abilities are in the interest of the country, then you are also eligible.

EB-3 (third job-based preference)

Those seeking employment in the United States without a graduate degree or exceptional achievement can apply in this category. Skilled workers, unskilled workers and professionals with a bachelor’s degree can all be qualified when applying for a position that requires the services they provide. In short, there may be few or no qualified employees available in the United States for the position for which they are applying. In this case, a work certificate and a vacant position are required.

EB-4 (fourth job-based preference)

In this category, special immigrants may be eligible for a work visa. Special immigrants include:

– Diffusers
– Religious ministers and workers
– Members of the armed forces
– Retired NATO-6 employees (including their families and relatives)
– Doctors
– Employees of international organizations
– Employees of the Panama Canal area
– Afghan / Iraqi translators
Iraqis who helped the United States

EB-5 (fifth job-based preference)

Investors and businessmen wishing to develop their activity in the United States can do so in their visa category. For those who have no new business, they want to bring it to the country; investing in a troubled business can also qualify you. For those who invest in the labour sector, they must invest at least $ 500,000. Non-work related investments must contain at least $ 1,000,000 in investments. If you invest in a troubled business, it must have been in existence for at least two years.

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