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Moving to Spain? Top reason why Spain the best place to live in the world


There is no doubt that Spain is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From mountain peaks to undulating valleys to shining coastline, the region has a wide geographical range. Spain can provide services for almost everyone interested in vacationing abroad. For those who are interested in going to Spain, even more.

If you are considering moving to Europe but you do not know which country you live in, you should consider moving to Spain for the following reasons:

The weather

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Even in winter, there are few places where the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, and in summer, there are few places where the temperature is below 35 degrees Celsius; Spain has one of the most ideal climates imaginable. Do you like sunshine? Several coastal areas receive more than three hundred days of sunshine each year, and they maintain a climate for swimming and water sports for most of the year. The comfort of the climate is a strong reason to move to Spain and live there.


The Spaniard is a generally relaxed and loving person. Several major festivals a year are the main excuses for drinking, dancing, celebrating music and entertainment. It is said that it is almost impossible to spend a holiday in Spain. Now, imagine how good it is to live in Spain…

Spaniards tend to be open and friendly to tourists, and their culture helps everyone. Spanish cuisine is delightful, Spanish music has influenced popular music around the world, and Spanish history is in many ways an important part of world history. This is especially true in the United States, because most of the United States was once Spanish territory, and the influence of Latin America is rapidly increasing.


If the Spanish know what to do, it is a celebration. Major festivals are held in different regions of the country throughout the year. Of course, the famous Spanish festivals and festivals are famous for some reason, and Americans experience carnival celebrations in the northern city of Pamplona. This week-long expo also includes the use of traditional red and white clothing by locals and a large amount of wine consumption. Among these types of activities, it is always lucky to choose to live in Spain.

One of the most interesting festivals is the La Tomatina celebration in August, the “Tomato Festival”. The La Tomatina celebration was held in Bunyol near Valencia. The celebration began in the last week of August. The main event was the large-scale “Tomato War” held on Wednesday. The Battle of Pomodoro is its name. The participants (usually everyone in the town, locals and visiting tourists) threw tomatoes at each other’s struggle.


As mentioned above, Spanish cuisine is simply delicious. Whether you are eating paella in the best restaurant in Madrid or enjoying a traditional breakfast with fritters and chocolate in a quaint bar in Pamplona, ​​a Spanish holiday will add a touch of flavour to you. Those who are less adventurous can rest assured that Spain also offers modern American cuisine. Burgers and fries are used by various menus of McDonald’s and Burger King and restaurants in various Spanish towns.

Of course, a visit to Spain is incomplete without tasting as many wines as possible. The Spanish love their wine, are proud of it and celebrate it. France may be famous for its wines, but Spanish wine production is higher. The main difference may be that while the French taste their wines and bottle them for long-distance appreciation, the Spanish taste their wines. a lot of. Wine and other alcoholic beverages are cheaper in Spain than anywhere else in Europe.

The Simplicities

Spain is a very easy country to visit and emigrate. For EU passport holders, there is no need to obtain a visa. Citizens of the United States and Canada only need to stay in the country for more than 90 days to apply for a visa. Most travel agencies offer attractive packages that combine the cost of air tickets and hotel accommodations to provide services in major cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. Compared with other European destinations, the cost of a holiday in Spain is very cheap.

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